Procedures,  Applications  &  Fees
We can not afford to be like the BIG rescue organizations or the government (city, state) funded shelters.....
We can not offer our rescues for Free.  Or for really cheap fees.
We depend on the kindness of donations, fundraising events and our adoption fees in order to keep going.

We hope you understand and can place the pet as the priority. 
Not whether or not it is for free.

(Subject to Change)
January  2016

All CATS / KITTENS   are  $125.00

Ask us about our Discounts:

*  Two Cat Discount
*  Senior Cat Discount
*  Senior Cat for Seniors Discount


All DOGS / PUPPIES   are  $250.00

Check our HOME PAGE or our Adoption Procedure Download to find out
what is INCLUDED in our Adoption Fee-Donation.

For additional information on our Adoption Procedures and Application

please check our website.
Please Read Below

Please be sure to read all of the information on this page
as well as on our Adoption Procedure Download.

If there are any differences in information or fees between what is on this site or written above
 and any PDFs below.... The current, & therefore correct, information is what is on this website.
(Sometimes the PDFs below are not updated as quickly as is this website - check the "updated" date!) 
If you are not sure of something please feel free to ask us.

What To Do:

1. Download our Adoption Procedure (below) for the pet you are interested in.
2. Download the appropriate Application (below) and the Cover Agreement.
3. Please READ the Adoption Procedure in full.
4. Fill out the Application.
5. Be sure to sign & date the Application and the Cover Sheet Agreement.
6. Email  or, Bring to our Adoption Event, the completed Application and Cover Agreement to us at:

Note:  You will be downloading 3 documents (Procedure, App & Cover Sheet)
Then you will EMAIL to us a total of three pages
(a 2 page Application & 1 Cover Sheet)


Note:  For ALL Pet Adoptions,  We adhere to a set list of Procedures.

(updated 06/2014)

Cat Adoption Procedures - download PDF

Click here to download a PDF of our Dog Adoption Procedures.

(updated 06/2014)

Cat Adoption Application - download PDF

Dog Adoption Application - download PDF

(updated 06/2014)

Cover Sheet Agreement - Must accompany all Online Applications - download PDF

None of the Forms Above are Online Forms. 
They are PDF forms you download, print out, fill in and then email or bring back to us.
None of Your Information is stored online nor shared.

As a general rule,  we do not place kittens or cats as ONLY pets.

We prefer the adopter to already have a cat or that they adopt two. 
This is our general rule but there are several cats or kittens that would do better as only pets. 
If you only want ONE cat / kitten please be sure to ask us about those which would be best as only pets.

Why Two Cats?

Click & Go - Read these articles:

Courtesy: *2003-Cats International*.......
While we may pride ourselves on how we pamper our pets with the best of everything, we may be denying them what they need most -- the companionship of one of their own species. Most feline behaviorists agree that cats generally lead healthier, happier lives if there is another feline in the household. Even if the cats never become bosom buddies, just sharing the house with another living creature while you are away helps to break the monotony and loneliness. Of course, if they become playmates, there is the added benefit of exercise and entertainment that is especially needed by kittens and young adult cats. Many cases of playful aggression directed toward the owner as well as various forms of household destruction, can be prevented if the cat's energies are focused on a playmate. Young males have an especially strong need for a "buddy".  While owners of rambunctious young cats (male or female) often hesitate to take on another cat, those who take that "leap of faith" and get another cat are generally delighted to see how much they enjoy each other.


PRECIOUS PAWS does not offer instant gratification. While most everyone feels the urge to take home that “cute little kitty / puppy”,  we want you to consider the serious responsibility of pet ownership:   Do you have the time to give a kitten or puppy the consistent and gentle discipline it needs?   Would unexpected vet bills put a financial hardship on you or your family?   Have you thought about how future changes in you life will affect your pet’s life?  The average life expectancy for a pet is 15 years.   Are you ready to make these kinds of commitments?

We do not release any animal from a pet store, or our homes.
   Nor do we accept a pet adoption donation while at a pet store.   We do home delivery and at that time we go over the Adoption Contract with you and check your home for any possible safety hazards that you may have overlooked.


PRECIOUS PAWS’ primary purpose is to ensure that the animal and its adoptive family are well-matched and that the pet’s welfare and happiness will continue in its new environment. We have found that delivering the pet directly from its foster home to its new permanent home helps make the adjustment less stressful for everyone.

The TWO WEEK TRIAL PERIOD:   If we do not make a match, we will gladly take back the pet.   Your adoption donation will be refunded at that time, PROVIDED the pet is healthy upon its return. With this more personal approach, we hope to open a line of communication which will be ongoing throughout the life of your adopted pet.  We want to encourage you to contact PRECIOUS PAWS if there are ever any questions or problems regarding your adopted pet.

The new owner is told that PRECIOUS PAWS
stands ready to take back the animal at any time during the pet's lifetime
 if the owner finds that he/she/they can no longer keep it.

NOTE:  Completing the Application is ONLY the FIRST STEP in gathering information that will help us understand how a pet will fit into your lifestyle.    Please do not be surprised or offended if we call or email you for more information.

Our  Primary  Consideration  in  ALL
Pet  Placement  Decisions  is  the  PET !

Most of our pets have had a hard life and some have special needs (such as food, attention, time, training, security, etc.).  We appreciate your understanding how much effort goes into the placement decision.   In most cases, considerable work, love and money are expended to rehabilitate or raise these pets   After this considerable investment, it is understandable that we really try hard for a good “fit”.

Please keep in mind that not everyone who applies will get a pet.
This has more to do with the pet than with the applicant.
However, every application will be considered,
and is deeply appreciated!